Built Environment Building Consultants Pty Ltd

Greg James B.CM (Hons 1)

NSW Based Construction Consultants

Built Environment Building Consultants,
based on the Central Coast, Sydney,
are a recognized, and proud member of
Master Builders Association that have been playing an integral role in the
New South Wales construction industry
for over 40 years.

Built Environment Building Consultants
Built Environment Building Consultants

Giving You Peace of Mind

Specialising in Expert Building Witness Reports/NCAT,
Strata Inspection Panel Reports (SIP),
Tender and Contract Evaluation, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, New Construction Defects Reports.

My Services

Specialising in Expert Building Witness Reports/NCAT

Carry out Site Assessment and prepare a detailed Expert Court Witness Report on incomplete works and defects.

Strata Inspection Panel Reports (SIP)

Carry out detailed Strata Inspection Panel Reports to meet the ‘NSW Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016’.

Tender and Contract Evaluation

Carrying out a detailed assessment of Construction Tenders and Building Contracts.

Project Management

Assisting Clients with the Project Management of their builds.

Quantity Surveying

Prepare detailed estimates and quantities of your construction project. 

New Construction Defect Reports

Carry out a Site Inspection and prepare a Defects Report at Practical Completion.

Memberships and Education: